How To Organize The Collections In Canva

Ever since we launched The Viral Content Club®, one of the most common questions we receive is how to best organize and structure the template collections so they can be easily accessed and used on Canva.

Here's a quick breakdown on how we like to organize our files for the club.

1) Navigate to the " Your Project" section and create a folder called "The Viral Content Club". Anytime you create a new design in Canva, you want to have a proper folder structure so that you can easily organize and find your files. What we don't want is an unorganized cluttered mess. This can slow down productivity time.

2) Inside the folder " The Viral Content Club" we make new folders for each collection that is added to our Canva account. For our sake, we have two different Canva accounts we use since we have a design team. So once they are done with our files/assets we use for promoting, marketing and preparing our new collections, we move them over to our main Canva account and have a folder to store all related files. The same should apply to you, where this folder stores everything tied to each collection you work on.

3) I will create a new folder by clicking the plus icon at the top and clicking on " New Folder".

4) I'll input the name of choice. For this folder I am using " 19 - The Next Collection" as an example and click on Create Folder.

5) Once you've added the Canva template files associated with said collection, you click the three dots on the design file, click the arrow beside " Move to folder", then "Your Projects", click on the folder you made earlier called "The Viral Content Club" and then the folder "19 - The Next Collection". Lastly, you click Add to Folder and your design file will be moved to that selected folder.

6) Repeat this process with every single collection you want to add to your Canva account. Once this is done, you have a direct path to finding each collection file you work on.

TIP: One thing you can do when you add a new collection file to its folder. Duplicate the template file and edit the name of the original design file with the text "[MASTER]" in front of the name. This way you can always duplicate that file if you need to find the file again and want to save time.

Example: [MASTER] - 19 The Next Collection

If you require any additional help, feel free to reach us at [email protected] and our team can be in touch!

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