But Katya, didn't you offer VBS Lite in December at that price one last time?

I am impressed by your memory and flattered that you pay attention. 

I totally did and I'll admit, it's unlike me to bring a similar promo back.

Truth be told, when I promoted VBS Lite Dec 1-3 2021, I have literally just finished our huge Black Friday promo November 30th. I pretty much gave my energy to promoting the bundles of our VBS students Black Friday bundles. 

So what was meant to be "one final big push" for VBS Lite, turned out to be an exhausted mess with mediocre results. For the quality that VBS is, it was such a shame that I couldn't give it my all as it really deserves my all.

Also, the intention behind raising the price was that I do it AFTER the 2.0 upgrades of the content are completed. Well, they took me a lot longer than anticipated and long story short, we're still upgrading the content. It's going to be so World class I am so proud of it. 

And since it's still not finalized, instead of promising you the price is going away, I'll hold on to that thought until we've fully completed the course. 

However, the LIVE event is happening on March 15th! So the last day I can really have you join me is March 13th to ensure you have everything you need. So if you miss the deadline, I am afraid you won't be able to join the LIVE event nor get the replay. 

Look, I get it, maybe you're skeptical and you're just doing your due diligence (which I encourage). Maybe you were burnt really badly by other industry experts and you're terrified about the idea of investing yet another thing.

And while I can't promise you you'll get rich overnight, what I can tell you is that I won't ever BS you. 

Whether you love me or hate me, there's one thing that's certain and that is - you can trust me. 

And I promise to always be real with you, even when I fall flat on my face. 

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