How do you have energy to promote your business now during what's happening in Eastern Europe?

As a fellow Eastern European, you have no idea how many tears I have shed over the last week or so and how anxious I have been (and still am). My entire family is in Bulgaria, which isn't really far and frankly part of me is terrified for them. 

(Everyone is safe and all is well)

I am following the news daily and doing my best to gage the situation and stay sensitive about what's going on.

I put my business promos on hold this last week and used my voice to spread awareness about what's going on. 

This VBS live event was planned before everything occurred and I am doing it with our VBS students and alumni anyway. And this mini promo is simply an invitation for those members in my existing community who feel it's the right time for them to expand their impact beyond their existing community. 

Also, %  of the profits from this promo are going directly to a charity supporting Children in Ukraine. 

Over 1.2 million people have been forced to flee their country and are in urgent need of financial support.

You and I can contribute. 

What's the point of accumulating all this influence and audience if we don't use it for good, especially now after all the updates on the news. 

Tomorrow isn't promised. 

Helping you implement this incredible system can do a lot of good for you and the whole world. 

How do I have the energy for it? I took January / February pretty much off and didn't do any kind of promos at all due to personal health struggles. I am feeling physically stronger and in a better place to deliver this event. 

My hope is this inspires you to continue to lead and improve your financial situation so you can do good and support in whatever way you can. 

Because wealth in the right hands of good hearted people like you can truly change the World. 

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