I am a member of The Viral Content Club® - Are the Reel Cover Templates the same as the ones from the Pegasus Collection?

Yes, they are the same ones! So if you have an annual / lifetime membership, you already have access to these. What you don't have access to is the rest of the product - the ready-made reel templates, the reel content creation workflow, the reel quickstart guide and the advanced viral tips for reels. You can only get that as part of the 5 Minute Reels toolkit! 

See exact reference: 


50+ “ReadyMade IG/FB -to-Go Reels” - Canva Templates to tweak and post (valued at $500) - NOT included in the Club 

🌟 50+ IG Reel Cover Canva Templates to make your Reels stand out (valued at $500) (these are already available in the Club) 

[Video] “From Standstill to Viral Reels” Quickstart Guide for Beginners (valued at $100) - NOT included in the Club 

[Video] “Make Viral Reels with Audience Appeal” tips (valued at $300) - NOT included in the Club 

[BONUS] “Reels Content Creation & Publishing Workflow Template” - our content distribution process, revealed (valued at $300) - NOT included in the Club  

If you have any question about this, you can email [email protected] or DM us on Instagram @viralmarketingstars

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