Do I need to run ads to be successful with this?

Not really. Ads are totally optional.

For a starters, you won't need to run ads at the beginning as we'll show you how to sell it organically (through your audience AND through leveraging other people's audiences).

Only THEN, when it's validated, and when you've made decent profits, you can invest in ads if you want to.

We'll show you how to setup your ads and show you behind the scenes of how we run our ads, including how we launch and scale from $300 a month all the way to now spending $15k+ a month. 

If you're a complete newbie with Facebook ads, you can either go through Facebook Blueprint (which is a free course by Facebook themselves) and then go through our training to set up your ads OR you can leverage the profits you make to hire a Facebook ads manager.

The bottom line is, ads are optional.

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