Who is VBS Live best for?

Have a business. Want more for it.  

Well maybe a few more things...

  1. Be an expert or skilled already. We can’t teach you how to be good at your thing, only how to package and sell it.
  2. Be open to creating and selling digital products through social media. It’s, like, our whole thing.
  3. Be on social media and use it actively already. We’re in 2022, and we need you to be here with us.
  4. Be coachable, a self-starter, and open to implementing. The system doesn’t work unless you work it.
  5. Be someone who’s made sales before. We don’t want to waste your time before you have proof of concept.
We have always been a community of thought leaders and change makers.

Be that. Aspire to make the world a better place.

We’re probably not for you if your main goal is to make all the money for the sake of the money by doing none of the work.
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