How much work will I need to put in? I’m stretched pretty thin as it is.

The true answer is, “as much as it takes”.

Not “15 minutes in the morning”, no.

But it’ll probably still work out to quite a few hours less than you’re putting in right now.

And once you nail your offer and implement the system all the way to stage 4, you will have automated at least 70% of the sales process and at least 90% of your product delivery.

Which means no more sales calls to make money.

No more depending on 1-2-1 clients to keep the lights on.

Plus, you have lifetime access to the content so you work on it whenever you feel like.

Bottom line is, self-awareness is key.

Are you asking hoping that you won't have to do any work while reaping all the rewards? Don't join.

Are you asking because you're simply curious how the content is delivered?

If you're a mega fast learner like Katya, it will take you probably 2-4 hours to go over and implement each module.

If you like to go over materials multiple times and think things through, 4-8 hours per module will be more realistic.  

And anything above that is time you'll spend building your product / funnel.

Don't worry.

We will not bury you in learning because we need you BUILDING your offer and bundle.

Ultimately, ANY TIME you spend learning and implementing the Viral Bundles System® is time you'll be working ON your business.

Food for thought.

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