Will I get 1:1 personalized coaching and advice from Katya on my bundle?

Not at this investment level, you will not. The Viral Bundles System® Live is a group experience created by Katya and ran by The Viral Marketing Stars® team.

Katya no longer offers 1-2-1 coaching or consulting, so she will be unable to be your personal advisor and audit your copy, name your product or review your marketing assets.

Of course, Katya will be in the group but your main point of contact will the The Viral Marketing Stars® team! 

Plus, this isn't a 1-2-1 experience. It's a done-together group implementation experience.  

1:1 customization, audits or done for you is NOT included at this investment. 

Having said that, we do have optional upgrades for tech support, copy support and strategy support.  So if you really need the extra support, you can purchase these at an additional investment. 

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