How To Become An Affiliate

Thanks for wanting to help us with the promotion of our products and to earn a juicy commission!

1) Go to our affiliate sign up page to create your account. This account is used so we can send affiliate related updates/promotion details to you as we promote throughout the year.

2) Sign up using the form with your Full Name and Best Email Address. Once you finish filling out the form, you will be taken to the next page with further steps for setting up your links.

3) On this page there are 6 steps. The most important steps are 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Step 1) This is your Affiliate account on our platform Kajabi. Once you setup this account you will be able to access your referral links. So make sure you save your account details, or else you will have to go through the process again or to reset your password.

Step 2) This is our Affiliate agreement. If you want to be paid, you will have had to fill out this form prior to our payout periods for all affiliates. The form takes 7 minutes to fill out and is a legal requirement on our part. We pay out all affiliates every 30-60 days.

Step 3) This is our Affiliate portal on Kajabi that adds a product to your account (Use the email account you have used for The Viral Content Templates, The Viral Content Club or any other products you have with us). Inside this product, has links to all affiliate assets and promotional material that can assist you in promoting our products.

Step 4) This is our Affiliate Facebook group where we post about upcoming promotions, host competitions and even share leaderboard updates to see who is on top for all affiliates.

Step 5) This is our swipe copy that can be use for written social media posts and emails. Use them to help you sell our products.

Step 6) This is our asset folder with video and image files from our Google Drive, that give you elements to use when posting to your social media or promotions through email.

Once you have gone through all the required steps, you will be ready to start promoting our products and earning commissions.

As a reminder, we pay 40% commissions on our membership product The Viral Content Club® and 50% commission on one time payment digital products like The Viral Content Templates™, etc.

We have a video tutorial going through this process that you can view below.

If you ever have any questions regarding your affiliate status or anything related to this topic, you can reach us at [email protected].

Happy promoting and thanks for choosing to take the time to become an affiliate for Viral Marketing Stars®.

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