How To Cancel My Membership

To cancel your membership please fill out this form and we will process your cancellation within 3-5 working days!

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Note - To make sure your account is cancelled as soon as possible, please fill out the cancellation form within 48 hours. We require up to 5 working days to process any cancellation. If your membership renews during this time, we can process a refund as long as the cancellation form has been filled and submitted.

For all refunds, we process them using the currency USD. Depending on the timing and date of the refund, the exact amount refunded to your card may vary slightly if you are using a different currency than us. All refunds are processed via Stripe or PayPal depending on how you signed up and are handled through their own conversion rates. We do not make any adjustments if the currency conversion is different today vs the day of the charge.

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