How To Separate The Templates Into Their Own File

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on Your Projects on the left column
  3. Open your Viral Content Templates copied file
  4. Locate the template you want to copy, Hold Left Click and Drag Across the entire template to select it
  5. Right click the selection and click on Copy
  6. Top left click on < Home and then at the top right click on Create a Design
  7. Select Custom Dimensions then set the width & height to 1080 and make sure its in px (pixels)
  8. Right click the blank canvas and click on Paste
  9. Set the name of the template to whatever you want at the top right section

You will now have a new template file in the size 1080x1080 pixels with a copy of the template you want to work with in its own file.

View the video below to see a step by step tutorial.

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