How To Mask Affiliate Links

A trick we use to hide our affiliate links behind a different URL link is using link masking.

We currently use WordPress for our websites and have a plugin installed called "Pretty Links" that is free for all users on WordPress.

If you also use WordPress, you can mask each referral link from our products behind your own website URL link with a custom name to make it stand out.

For Example: This is my Viral Content Templates™ referral affiliate link URL -

I can mask the link using the Pretty Links plugin on our WordPress website - - and can set the name we want for the URL (The first arrow shows the affiliate link that I want to mask).

I am going to go with the URL - - which means I will be using the mask link "vctpromotions" which you can see in the URL field below (Second arrow).

Once this is setup, tested and working, I will use this link to promote my affiliate link. It can be used in posts, emails, social media profile bios, etc.

If you aren't an affiliate yet, please read over this article on how to join as an affiliate.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at [email protected] and we can be in touch to assist you!

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